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Friday, September 23, 2005


" The More We Learn,
The More We Realize Just How Little We Know,
And How Much There Is Still To Be Learned "


Spearheaded by the N.A.A.C.P., African-Americans are demanding monetary 'reparations' from each and every American company that utilized slave-labor over 140 years ago. They are investigating all companies, or corporations in existence today that may, in any shape or form, be linked to any company or corporation which operated during America's pre-civil war history, up to 1865, when slaves were set free by President Abraham Lincoln.
Let me explain it with the following illustration.

Let's assume that company "A, Inc.", in existence back in 1864, owned slaves back when it was legal to own them, (inhumane and immoral, but legal nevertheless!!).

Then company "B, Inc.", which never owned slaves merged with company "A, Inc.", in 1875, becoming company "A-B, Inc.".

Then company "C, Inc.", which never owned slaves, either acquires company "A-B, Inc." in 1897 and together they become a much bigger company "C, Inc.".

Then, in 1910, company "C, Inc." decides to spin-off, (sell) its subsidiaries, which used to be companies "A" and "B".

Company "D, Inc." acquires company "A", and company "E, Inc." acquires company "B". Companies "D" and "E" didn't even exist back in 1865.

According to the N.A.A.C.P., not just company "A", which did own slaves, although over 140 years ago, but also company "B", which never owned slaves, but at one time was associated with company "A", plus company "C", which never owned slaves, either, but at one time in the past owned both "A" and "B", way after the slaves had been freed, plus companies "D" and "E", which did not exist in 1865 but later on acquired companies "A" and "B" from company "C", I repeat, according to the N.A.A.C.P., all five companies must pay reparations to the African-American community, because in one way or another all are linked to the ownership of slaves.
Even though neither companies "B", "C", "D", or "E" ever owned slaves, because somehow they were connected to company "A", which did own slaves, (although legally I must again insist), sometime in the past, they are "passive partners" of "A", and thus just as responsible for taking part in the slave trade in pre-civil war America.

The N.A.A.C.P. and other African-American groups are serious about this to the point that they have already managed to persuade several cities to pass laws prohibiting those cities from doing business with companies that somehow have ties to slave owners from 140 years ago, or before. How can they do business with the cities? By paying reparations to the African-American community.
this is not a "shake-down", then what is?

This is like taking "Huckleberry Finn", by Mark Twain, an American classic, off the school library shelves and off elementary school reading lists because he used the word 'nigger' in the book. How in heck was he to know that such word would become so offensive? And by the way, don't African-American young men address each other nowadays as 'Nigga'?

Gee, let's revise history and change the name given to the decade of 1890-1899 to "The happy 90s", because "The gay 90s" implies that everyone was a homosexual back then.

Or as ridiculous as the 1790s during the French Revolution. Men and women had always been addressed as "Monsieur" and "Madame" from time immemorial, just as they are called today in France. But the barbaric and murderous French revolutionaries insisted so much in doing away with class and 'titles' that, and this is a fact, if anyone was heard addressing a man by Monsieur, or a woman by Madame, instead of the officially adopted 'Citizen', their heads would literally be chopped off by the guillotine. This is true, check it out.

I propose that Israel sue Egypt for reparations, since the whole nation of Israel at one time was enslaved by the Egyptians.

How about all the Latin American descendants of Indians sue Spain for all the atrocities committed in the 1500s, 1600s, and 1700s.

The nations of India, Pakistan, North Africa, the Middle East, Canada, the U.S., many of the West Indies islands and many other nations should sue Great Britain, as there was a time when the British empire was so vast that "the sun never set on the British empire".

All of Indochina, (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia) can sue France.
Let Europe, Asia Minor and the Middle East sue Italy, because that's where the Roman empire once stood.

But let's get back to this ridiculous notion of paying reparations to African Americans.
I suggest we turn the tables on them. Let present day Africa sue African-Americans, because they are all descendants of tribes which at one time or another waged war, raped, killed and enslaved other African tribes. Now, that is a great idea and makes just as much sense as paying present day African-Americans reparations because their ancestors were once slaves.

And let's take it even further. As much as they whine and cry about their 'plight', why don't African-Americans compare their standard of living, their healthcare, their education and their freedom to all those poor millions of Africans that never had the chance of coming over to the new continent.

Just look in the news and watch and read about the living conditions of most present day Africans, the hunger, the enormously high rate of H.I.V., the other innumerable diseases, the killings, or ethnic cleansing between tribes, the overall misery!

A group of ex-slaves went back to Africa and founded the nation of Liberia. Look at them now. Compare their living conditions with those of modern African-Americans. Liberians just regressed to the conditions they once lived in and became just another poor, pathetic African nation.

Even while they were slaves in America, African-Americans had superior living conditions to those they left behind in Africa. It was in their masters' best interest to keep them healthy, well-fed, and clothed. Anyone wish to argue this point with me?

You know the sad part about this shake-down by African-Americans demanding reparations? They will get away with it. It makes good politics. They will make enough noise, and for fear or being labeled racists, many people will give in.

It's not about race. It is all about a scam!

60s Child.


Blogger Marcy said...

Yeah that makes no sense to me. Yes, slavery was horrible and crippling. HOWEVER I personally did not and do not own any slaves or have ever mistreated an african american person, so why am I paying you for something I never did and you never experienced?

Besides, how is paying extra money now going to "make it better?" How would you even go about with such a thing? Will they be tracing back their ancestry lines to figure out who had slave ancestors that were beaten the most and get more money?

This plan to me is comparable to the fiasco of the Oakland school district trying to pass "ebonics" as a foreign language.

1:33 AM  

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