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Saturday, September 24, 2005



I admire, support and look up to the millions of women who help run the Catholic Church, particularly at the local parish and parochial school levels.

Women should be given, and be encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to serve our church, either administratively, as leaders of ministries, as members of ministries, and as valuable individuals who can spread the Gospel and spread the word of our Lord.

There is no job within our church that women should not be able to do, and do just as well, if not better than many men. However, women's involvement in the Catholic Church should fall just short of becoming Deacons or Priests.

Our Church has endured for 2,000 years without allowing women to take up the priesthood, and there is no reason whatsoever why it should change. It is Church dogma, Church doctrine that only men can be ordained as Deacons or as Priests. These precepts have been edged in stone and we cannot allow modern and liberal so-called "progressive thinkers" to change our holy traditions.

People that believe that Pope Benedict XVI, just because he sits on St. Peter's chair has the right and power to change our doctrines. That is absolutely wrong and those who bellieve so are totally misguided in their thinking. The Pope's mission is precisely to defend our church, its doctrines, dogmas and traditions.

Ours is not a "cafeteria church" where individuals can just pick and choose what they like and pretend to be law-abiding Catholics. There are no gray areas in our doctrine, only black or white, and the ordination of women as deacons and priests is absolutely prohibited.

If a woman should still disagree with this, they can join the Episcopalian Church, the Protestant sect most similar to the Catholic Church, where they do ordain women, (even lesbians), or they can join any of several other denominations that do ordain women, such as the Methodists.

Do we run the risk of losing members of our church to other Christian denominations? The church wishes them well if they do abandon us. Our church has 1.1 billion Catholics, if it shrinks because of its stance on women ordination, (or the subject of priest marriage for that matter), we will end up becoming a much stronger church. We would much rather have a smaller church made up of totally devoted believers than a large church were some of its members decide on worshiping in a different way from what our chatechism has taught us.

Again, I love that women are involved in our church, and I wish that more would do so, as we want total inclusion, but not as deacons or priests.

In lay terms, "if you do not like the rules of our club, you can always join anotherone to your liking".


You may not know it, but recently, the Church celebrated Marriage Month. I can understand if some of you might now be saying, "so who cares?", the "some of you" of course being men, naturally.

Other than you guys out there, there is an important segment of our society that is also ignoring 'Marriage Month", as its observance would be anathema to their militant feminist agendas. I refer to leading academic and media institutions, captive to feminism, who are not about to provide much guidance on how to build strong marriages, much less offer their definition of such. However, let's set aside the 'Femenazis' for a while and take this discussion to another level, the common every day Christian male, who will like most people, even those wed in a church, not take the time to see what the Bible actually says about marriage.

Before I go any further, I must let you know that I consider myself a feminist. No, I do not belong to the National Organization for Women, which is mostly made up of ugly women who can't get a date, men haters, their 'masculine-leaning' sisters, and other poorly misguided and weak-minded ladies.

To me, a true feminist is an individual, whether male of female who believes that women are the equals to men in all societal aspects and intellect, to the point where I truly believe that there is nothing a man can do or achieve that a woman cannot do it just as well, and in some cases even better. You say men are stronger physically, and I respond that women are more pragmatic and patiently utilize their neurons in a way to overcome those slight shortcomings, eventually achieving the same results as men. They just analyze and solve problems in a different way than men do, with the end results being just as effective.
I happen to have two grown-up daughters and could not be any more proud of their achievements in the face of many difficulties. My oldest daughter overcame Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dyslexia to become a great students and athlete, to the point where she is currently a teacher at a prestigious high school, while also being the varsity soccer coach.
My youngest overcame a debilitating and at times life-threatening intestinal disorder to attain "honors status" at her school and she is already setting her sights on becoming a businesswoman.

I recently wrote about the role of women in combat and I believe I defended quite well women's right and ability to be in the front lines along with the men.

Getting back to the role of the media and academia, (favorite punching bags of mine both) in discussing the role of marriage, and I find it a shame that their liberal bias leads them to opt out from discussing "the nuclear family", or the institution of marriage per se, because humanity's oldest research tool, the Bible clearly shows the error both of feminists who claim no differences between men and women, and of sexual segregationists who argue that women are to be concerned only with marriage and motherhood. I have often heard some neanderthal men say, "a wife's role is to be at home cooking, while barefoot and pregnant." Talk about two extremes of the marriage argument!

Look at the evidence: In chapter two of Genesis, God gives Eve to Adam as an intellectual and physical helpmate. Simple: Man could not make it in this world without the help and input of a female mate. The fact that it was Eve that screwed things up in the Garden of Eden has nothing to do with this. Eve made a choice, a bad one, but a choice nevertheless. Adam must have been ticked-off at losing his rent-free piece of paradise because of what his wife did, but he didn't divorce her or beat her up. He stayed with her because he knew he could not go on alone in a new and evil world. He needed her companionship and her help, both physical and intellectual. And the sex wasn't bad, either, but that's another story.....

In chapter 31 of Proverbs, the ideal wife is dedicated to her marriage and family but at various times also buys real estate, plants a vineyard, runs businesses and helps the poor. The wife as a decision maker, a businesswoman!

In chapter 16 of Acts, the merchant Lydia becomes a key convert. The Bible overall is skewed towards male dominance, i.e.: the twelve apostles. But remember that the Bible, though inspired by God still was written by the hand of a male, during times when "machismo" was more institutionalized than ever. Nevertheless, Lydia is still written about and glowingly, just as was Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary and Mary Magdalene later on. After all, Mary did give birth to the son of God and we are reminded of it in the New Testament over and over, so as not to lose sight of this saintly woman's contribution to the church.

No verse or chapter in the Bible should be taken in isolation -- it's vital to read through the Bible to get a sense of the whole. One chapter I've found instructive is chapter four of Judges, where Israel's General Barak balks at obeying God's call to battle. Barak does not feel strong enough to carry out God's command unless the prophetess Deborah, a woman, goes with him. Deborah, in turn, tells Barak that the honor for the coming victory will go to a woman. Ha! Not only was Deborah a "prophetess", but a strong-willed woman as well, a woman many men depended upon.
That's exactly what happens. Some condemn Barak for not readily obeying God, but in chapter 11 of Hebrews, he is still listed on the roll of honor: Although not quick to trust God and take leadership, he had the wisdom to listen to a wise woman. There you go, girl!

Men go wrong, biblically, by either giving up or by being arrogant, either by running from God-given functions or refusing to hear what women have to say. In chapter 25 of the first book of Samuel, Abigail knows that her husband, Nabal, is a fool. When she acts to save her whole household, David tells her, "May you be blessed for your good judgment." Meaning: Listen to your women before rushing to act, lest you be made a fool of!

Today, many Christian men believe woman should be co-leaders in everything. That leaves many men feeling emasculated and many women wishing that guys would step up and make a decision, already. It does not make you any less of a man by bouncing thoughts and opinions off your wife.
Other men go to the opposite extreme and assert that married women should not even be studying the Bible by themselves or in groups with other women -- they should be taught only by their husbands. That's the "barefoot and pregnant" sect. Many Protestants do act this way. The more conservative and arrogant the sect, the more women are relegated to minor roles. You have the Amish, the Quakers, the Mormons, and even the Baptists who feel this way.

Here's what seems to me to be biblical: Everyone, male or female, should be told, "Be all that you can be," just like the Army slogan says, but what most of us can happily be depends on the way we are made -- and God knows our frames.

He knows, because He made us, that men and women are complementary in nature. He knows how hard it is for most mothers with young children to go out to work. He knows, because He made us, that men are typically more aggressive and women are typically more nurturing, (which I must insist is not a weakness). Which is not at all bad. It is as should be, a partnership of two equals, although with different and complementary talents.

The complementarian rather than egalitarian position in male-female relations has many implications. Today, unless women gain jobs and athletic scholarships commensurate with their percentage of the population, 'femenazis' scream discrimination. Viewed biblically, however, occupational differences in male-female ratios seem less a function of bias than of biology, the way God made us.

I may seem to contradict myself, since at the beginning I did state that a woman can do anything a man can. It still holds water with the believers of the "nuclear family", the believers of holy matrimony.
Christian household has a father, a mother, (man and wife), children that must be raised in a Christian manner, a mortgage and many other aspects that need to be addressed, either by the husband, the wife, or by both in unison. How they split the chores is strictly up to the "partnership" in a way that both heads of the household feel comfortable with.

I do not denigrate the role of the housewife, home maker, or stay-at-home mom. Hers is a job just as hard, as physically and mentally consuming as that of her husband. Heck, were housewives to be paid an hourly wage, they would end up making more money than their husband counterparts, because of the time, talent and intellect which the housewife has to spend in order to run a household in the absence of a husband, who more than likely gets home late, tired and unwilling to lift a finger to do anything other than to hold the fork he eats his dinner with. Were a husband to pull his share of the weight of leading a home, he would not punch his clock at 5 or 6 PM, he would pull-up side by side with his wife and share the reins or the home for the remaining four of five hours still left in the household schedule of chores, before going to bed, which includes of course spending quality time with the children and setting a good Christian example for them to follow when it becomes their turn to create their own homes.

His wife began her "work day" when the alarm clock went off, perhaps at 6 AM, and her work day never ends until she goes back to bed a good 16 hours later. Many husbands believe that the 8 to 10 hours they put in at the office complete their part of the bargain. Nope! They may be awful tired by the time they get home. News flash!: His wife hasn't exactly spent the day by the pool sunning herself!

Men and women married this month should learn that God's word is clear. The Bible is colorblind, although gender-conscious, but gender-equal and fair as well, and right from the beginning. Chapter one of Genesis tells us that "God created mankind in his own image" and that "male and female he created them." What God has established, let no one destroy.
1960s Child.


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