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I belong to a special generation, the 'Baby Boomer Generation', all 70 million of us. Mine is the countercultural, culture-changing, music-influenced, society-altering, rebellious, and revolutionary generation which grew up during the dramatic and violent, while in many ways exciting and 'magical' 1960s. After all these years, I still feel totally identified with the 60s, as that decade defines me. Although I was both a participating and observing member of the 'flower generation', I am a conservative in my political and sociological principles. As much as I appreciated the freedom and radical liberalism of the 60s, I nevertheless did not support the anti-war movement. I am also Roman Catholic, and teach catechism. AS I CONSIDER THE MUSIC OF THE 60s AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE CULTURE, AND CONSIDERING THAT EVEN AFTER 40 YEARS IT RETAINS ITS POWERFUL ALLURE, I WISH TO SHARE SOME OF MY 60s FAVORITE GROUPS: ANIMALS, B.BOYS, BEATLES, B.GEES, B.S.&T, CHICAGO, CREAM, C.C.R., C.S.N.&Y, E.L.O., E.L.P., 4 SEASONS, G.F.R., J.HENDRIX, KINKS, LED ZEP, MAMAS & PAPAS, M.BLUES, R.STONES, R.ORBISON, S.& G., WHO, YARDBIRDS EMAIL: A60sCHILDMAILBOX@aol.com

Thursday, October 06, 2005



A street hot dog vendor spent his life cooking and selling hot dogs the same way, day after day after day. His dream was to one day retire, buy a small boat, and take his grandchildren fishing at the local lake.

One day, some young marketing 'hot shot' bought a hot dog from him, examines the man's hot dog cart and then asks the man, "Do you do well in this business; I mean do you make a good living at it?"

The man looks at the other guy and says, "Well, I am not rich. I am saving little by little so that hopefully some day I can stop working, buy myself a small boat and just go fishing with my grandchildren"

So the other guy looks at the man's hot dog cart, and then tells him, "You know, if you made some changes to your operation you could sell more hot dogs and therefore make more money, enough to finally retire and buy yourself that boat."

The hot dog vendor looks to the guy and asks, "What am I supposed to do to achieve that?"

"Well, you can start by offering not just regular hot dogs, but sausages of different kinds as well. Then you could expand your toppings by adding sourkraut, diced onions, diced tomatoes, pickles, hot dog relish, mayo, jalapeno peppers, chili, cheese, and other choices of toppings besides just mustard and ketchup, and you therefore could charge more according to the type of sausage and toppings the customers ask for. Besides, you should add all sorts of soft drinks, juices and ice tea, not just coke and Sprite, and offer a variety of bags of chips as well, and perhaps even offer cookies, like Subway does, so that your customers can buy a complete meal from you."

So the hot dog vendor thinks to himself, "This guy seems smart, and he makes sense. If I make all the changes he suggested, my business could grow and I could at last retire sooner so that I can buy my boat and just go fishing with my grandchildren before they grow too old to want to come along ."

So the man followed the other guy's advice and turned his hot dog cart into practically a mini-cafeteria on wheels. His stand immediatelly became a huge success to the point that he could not handle all the business he was getting by himself. So he purchased another even bigger cart and hired someone to help him handle so much new business. Business kept growing, so he added additional carts plus additional employees and eventually branched out throughout the city.

Soon enough he became the owner of a 'hot dog empire', established a corporation, with food warehouses, hired employees to handle the stock of food, also hired a sophisticated office staff, and bought large trucks to transport the 'hot dog stands' all over town. In the meantime, of course he became very rich.

So one day, the 'hot shot' who suggested that he "upgrade his business" walks by and says, "Wow, you really have done very well for yourself, your business must be raking in lots of money! So now you can finally buy that fishing boat, right?"

The 'hot dog man' looks at him incredulously and says, "Are you out of your mind, look at all the money I'm making now, I can't waste my time going fishing!"

The man never retired. He suffered a heart attack and passed away while running all around town checking on all of his hot dog carts.

There are many morals to this story. These are only some of them.

Don't lose your focus on life.

Do enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

"For everything there is a season."

Don't trade family for fortune.

Do not let ambition cloud your better senses.

Set your priorities in order.

Know when to quit.

1960s CHILD


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