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Tuesday, October 11, 2005



For conservatives only, you liberals and P.C. 'lemmings' read at your own risk of switching sides.
Some examples of news items which the liberal media try hard to hide from mainstream America.

1- At a federal trial, doctors testified that some babies being subjected to a partial-birth abortion are actually alive and squirming. (Apparently, infanticide is a constitutional right according to liberals).

Liberal media coverage of this testimony -- NONE

2- Read the following quote: "People are the cause of all the problems. We have too many of them. We need to get rid of some of them."

Was this an Islamic terrorist? Jacques Chirac complaining about Paris traffic?

No... it was a radical environmentalist complaining that the insecticide DDT was actually saving lives.

Liberal media coverage -- NONE

3- Islamic terrorists may be creeping across our Mexican border -- and that the Border Patrol is being hampered from properly cataloguing and tracking terrorist suspects by "mustn't label anyone,''and no profiling", lest the Federal goverment be sued by the A.C.L.U. and other politically correct liberals.

Liberal media coverage -- NONE

You could search the liberal press from now until Barbra Streisand votes Republican, and you wouldn't find news items like these seeing the light of day.

Such news doesn't (ahem) fit the liberal agenda.

When in reality, the only agenda the media should follow is the agenda of TRUTH.
Every time I wince at the brazen lies of Democratic leaders or their surrogates in the press, it occurs to me that America will never run short of natural gas.

Other recent news items never reported by the liberal

4- During a study on the competency of teachers, half the teachers failed a qualifying verbal and math test.

5- The recently approved Highway Bill includes $255 million for bike paths. I guess the bike paths are made out of "pork" skin.

6- The top 50% of income earners pay 96.5% of the federal income taxes, while the lowest 44% pay no federal income taxes at all. So much for tax cuts for the rich........

7- The federal government -- with your tax dollars -- subsidizes programs for kids to play golf at posh resorts.

8- Federal employees spent $16.4 billion in 2003 on government charge cards. Some of those charges included: country club fees, personal clothing, movie gift certificates and beer.

9- A recent national survey found that Democratic professors outnumber Republican professors 3 to 1 in economics, 28 to 1 in sociology, and 30 to 1 in anthropology.

This does not surprise me, as I have been tooting this horn for years.

I guess the fact that liberal anthropologists outnumber conservatives 30 to 1 quite explains why the theory of "Creationism", or "Intelligent design" will never be considered next to, or contrasted with the presently taught theory of "evolution."

10- A similar survey found that 80% of journalists consider themselves either liberal or Democrat. So much for a fair and balanced press.

11- At least 1,074,000 illegal aliens were arrested along the Mexican border in 2004, more than in 2003 or 2002. And these are the ones caught. Statistics show that for every illegal caught, ten others get away.

12- The federal government is subsidizing yoga research.

There's so much at stake today. America is at war and liberals just don't get it.

Never has it been more important for Americans to get the truth -- and not the P.C. pabulum that filters through the establishment media.

13- When PC propagandists assure us that 'jihadist' terror doesn't reflect "true," "peaceful" Islam, they're not only wrong, they're dangerous -- because in doing so they lull America into letting its guard down.

And not only do self-appointed "experts" get Islam itself wrong -- they have also replaced the truth about Christian Europe and the Crusades with an all-pervasive historical fantasy that is designed to make you ashamed of your own culture and heritage -- and thus less determined to defend it.

The images of European knights slaughtering innocent Muslims on holy soil are the creation of liberal novelists and Hollywood leftists.

But now there's a remedy: In The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), Robert Spencer reveals all the disturbing facts about Islam and its murderous hostility to the West that other books ignore, softpedal -- or simply lie about.

14- And last, but definitelly not least: At some of our bastions of higher learning, our best, or most reknowned colleges and universities, such as Columbia, N.Y.U., Cal/Berkeley and others Communist "clubs" meet on campus, in classrooms, as the discussions are lead by tenured professors.

At a recent reunion at Columbia, the topic was "the overthrow of the US goverment', and 'why the World Trade Center victims deserved to die.'" At the same time, Christian groups are kept from meeting on campus. Gay groups also meet on campus, while "pro-life" groups are not permitted.

Yes, my friends, Communism is still very much alive and healthy in this great nation of ours.

Frankly, not everyone has the courage to seek, much less read the truth. It is far easier to just swallow what the establishment media dish out and nod in agreement with the bovine herd.

Sad but true.



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