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Wednesday, October 12, 2005



For as long as I can remember I have been 'outing' colleges and universities where faculties adhere to a blatantly leftist political agenda.

At many of these centers of higher learning, not only is the tenured faculty mostly leftist, but they bully otherwise mainstream thinking students and fellow faculty members into adhering to their 'leftist dogma,' or else, as they promote their political propaganda as a matter of curricula and academic principles.

Otherwise thinking students may be ridiculed and pressured to leave the university, and center-thinking and right of center-thinking faculty members may never be invited to attain a tenured status, while being systematically ostracized by their peers, pressuring most of them to leave as well. Other professors are so afraid of losing their jobs that they just keep their contrasting opinions to themselves and allow their leftist peers to promote Marxism/Lenninism as they keep quiet, therefore 'sinning by omission.'

What is most scary about this is the fact that most parents in America either do not know, or do not believe that these activities actually take place on our college campuses in modern day America. Parents send their kids away to what they believe is a place where they will spend four or more years learning a career, and don't realize that they are being bombarded daily with leftist and blatantly anti-American propaganda.

It is not difficult to understand that at 18, 19, 20 and 21, a young man or woman are at a ripe age to be 'impressed', or better said, brainwashed.

While in high school, these young minds didn't give a hoot about politics, much less understood anything about it. In high school, partying, sex, sports, and just getting by academically was what occupied their minds, not Geopolitics. And in high school, because of gutless school boards, weak curriculums, and incompetent teachers, they were never taught, at least not in depth, the differences between Communism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Terrorism and Democracy, not to mention Atheism vs. Religion.

But as young adults in college, these impressionable minds are ready enough to be 'enlightened' by any slick professor wishing to promote a leftist agenda.

I am not writing about small, liberal arts colleges here. I am writing about some of our major universities, including most of our Ivy League schools, like Columbia, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, N.Y.U., Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, U. of San Francisco, U. of Michigan, U. of Colorado, U. of Indiana, Williams College, and many others.

Not only do professors of African Studies, Art, Anthropology, Classical Studies, Drama, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Foreign Relations, Government, History, Islamic Studies, Latin American Studies, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Theater and other subjects subvert their curriculum with their leftist and anti-American beliefs, but they take it a critical step further.

Many of these professors have organized extra-curricular clubs, or societies that meet often on campus property, which are devoted solely to the undermining of capitalism, democracy, the free market system, national security and religion in America. While college administrators allow them to freely promote their activities and even grant them the free use of campus facilities, conservative and religious student groups are obligated to meet off-campus.

You may exclaim, "But Communism is a thing of the past, the Soviet Union is no more!" And I tell you that you are both naive and misinformed, if not blind. The American Communist Party and many other linked organizations in America, all number thousands of members, and growing, and are quite active in this country.

Some of the better known organizations, other than the official Communist Party of America, whose headquarters are in New York City are: Americans for Democratic Action, Communist Youth of America, Conference on World Tension, Council on Foreign Relations, Democratic Socialists of America, Intercollegiate Socialist Society, League for Industrial Society, MoveOn.org, National Student Association, People for the American Way, (P.A.W.), Rand School of Social Science, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, World Brotherhood, Inc. and others.
The major labor unions are infiltrated by leftists, as is the NAACP. The American Civil Liberties Union, once a respectable organization which looked out for injustice in America, has been hijacked by Marxists and is now totally driven by a leftist agenda.

The great majority of Marxists and Socialists in America are found in Academia, (colleges and universities), the media, both electronic and print, in the arts, particularly in Hollywood, and of course in our very own government, where 57 members of Congress are self-described Marxists or Socialists.

This is not paranoia, folks, it is a fact.



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