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Friday, October 07, 2005



The morning after the story broke all over the news, a friend asked me if Bill Bennett's radio comments would trigger a major outburst. My kneejerk response was: No, it was a one-day, much-about-nothing-to-do, left-wing-trouble-making story that would be exposed for what it was.

How naive I still am.

Just look at what Bennett said.

Asked by a listener on his radio program if, without the massive toll of legalized abortions over the last three decades, we'd have more taxpayers to support Social Security payments, Bennett expressed distaste for those kind of hypotheses, as he called them "reprehensible."
Like a current theory in the book "Freakonomics" which proposes that the abortion rate in recent decades has led to a lower crime rate. The book claimed that since most abortions are performed on African-American women, and most crimes are perpetuated by African-Americans, it stands to reason that as abortions increase, therefore crime decreases. It is not meant to be a racist statement, but a statement of statistical fact.

if you are a Caucasian male, particularly conservative in this nation of ours, you cannot express yourself in such ways, as the vitriolic and character-assasinating armies of the left are always at the ready to pounce on you like a volture on a dead animal.

Just remember what happened to, I believe the president of Harvard University when he suggested that the reason there are more male than female scientists was a matter of different mental make up between both sexes. He did not mean that women were mentally inferior to men, but that men had more aptitude particularly for the sciences.

Well, I haven't followed that story further, but last I heard or read, femenist groups all over the country were demanding the guy's resignation.

So Bill Bennet made the same mistake: he theorized based on factual knowledge. But we must also realize that Mr. Bennet, who has held many important posts, such as Secretary of Education, and has written a number of books, is a very intellectual man who speaks at a very high scholarly level which most of us cannot relate to, so neophyte misunderstandings are quite common.

Anyway, Bill Bennet theorized: "I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down."

Just like the book, Bill Bennet was making a factual statement, based on statistics.

Moreover, had I been Bill Bennet I would have extended that hypothesis to include a certain segment of the 'Latino' population. Just check crime statistics in Los Angeles and in New York, and you'll understand what I mean.

I was dead wrong thinking that Bill Bennet's statement would die down within a couple of days.
The Bennett "controversy" has made headlines everywhere for days. Bill Bennet even has had to resign as chairman of the board of K-12, an education company he co-founded. Even I misread the degree to which the Left will go to destroy a conservative -- personally. Naive me!

The smear was unearthed by the liberal-Democrat group Media Matters for America, run by congenital liar David Brock, and Democrats quickly pounced on the opportunity to squeeze vitriol out of Bennett's point

Typical of this shameless charade was Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, a man who can't go a day without making hateful, inflammatory remarks, said Bennett's "hateful, inflammatory remarks regarding African Americans are simply inexcusable."

It didn't seem to matter that Bennett, statistically speaking, was not inaccurate: The Bureau of Justice Statistics found in 2002 that black Americans were seven times more likely to commit homicide (per 100,000 population) than whites, and six times more likely to be murdered. Sadly, from 1976 to 2002, 94 percent of black murder victims were killed by other blacks. Nor does it matter that Bennett unequivocally couched his comments with a denunciation of forced abortions against blacks. And never mind that he's spent a lifetime championing the pro-life and civil rights causes, and that the K-12 was founded by him and his wife with precisely the poor black children in mind. All that mattered to the Left was the opportunity to assasinate the character of a conservative.

But the liberal outrage quickly landed in the Washington Post and the New York Times, bastions both of extreme liberalism, the same newspapers that can't find space to note that anti-war hero Cindy Sheehan called President Bush "the biggest terrorist in the world," and didn't cover Air America radio host Randi Rhodes comparing bus evacuations from hurricane-ravaged New Orleans as comparable to the Holocaust.

What of the networks that ignore almost every liberal gaffe and stumble? CBS, which totally ignored Sen. Dick Durbin, the Democratic minority's second-in-command, when he compared American treatment of detainees at Guantanamo to the death camps of Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot, led the newscast with Bill Bennett. On NBC's "Today," Katie Couric quickly sliced up Bennett, "under fire" and "feeling the heat for saying this on the radio." Viewers then heard a clip which completely -- and deliberately -- excluded Bennett's next sentence that the argument was ridiculous and reprehensible which is tantamount to editorial irresponsibility of the worst kind.

What hypocrisy. These same journalists regularly refuse to scorn outrageous racial remarks by black leaders. In fact, they promote them. Jesse Jackson repeatedly compared the conditions of blacks in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans to a slave ship. Now, it's fair to suggest the life of evacuees was hard. But it's an ugly and dishonest defamation to imply that America is a nation so callously racist that our indifference imprisoned black hurricane victims like slaves.

No matter that these poor living conditions for blacks in New Orleans had existed, well since slaves were set free 140 years ago, while Louisiana has been lead by Democrats almost nonstop ever since. So what did the Louisiana Democratic legislature and Democratic governor do to improve the living conditions of its poor blacks all along?

Last I saw, New Orleans had an African-American mayor. Did he do anything to improve the living conditions of blacks in his city?

Could part of it be that Louisiana has the reputation of being the most politically corrupt state in the nation?

And only because hurricane Katrina exposed Louisiana's and New Orleans' dirty little secrets did the world learn that 25% of New Orleans' population lived only a bit better than their ancestors. But since there is a Republican administration in Washington, it obviously means that George Bush created these misserable living conditions overnight. Bush and the Republicans have become too easy the targets of liberals and Democratic politicians. Why didn't Bill Clinton, who loves to be called 'the nations first black president' for being a champion for black causes, ever do anything for these people while president for eight years?

Yet ABC transmitted the slave-ship charge as fair comment on "Nightline" on Sept. 2. Reporter John Donvan quoted Jackson: "It's the worst, the racist dimensions of our culture. We deserve better. This is the hull of a slave ship." Two nights later, Donvan rephrased this as a jarring but reasonable question about race.

Two days after that on "Good Morning America," ABC's Ron Claiborne interviewed Jackson live: "You were quoted, perhaps misquoted, as saying the images coming out of New Orleans resembled the hull of a slave ship. And that is very vivid and charged language. What were you saying?" Jackson did not deny the quote.

On NBC Sept. 3, Jackson told "Today" host Lester Holt the country need to rescue people, and lamented: "It looked like people in the hold of a slave ship." Holt simply agreed: "Right."
Hadn't it been that Bill O'Reilly brought it to everyone's attention, I would have never heard the statement made by Congressman Charles Rangel of New York.

In refering to "Washington's 'intentional' delay in aiding blacks in New Orleans", Congressman Rangel compared President George Bush to Birmingham Alabama's police chief during the civil rights confrontations of the early 1960s. During a peaceful protest procession of blacks, the police chief brought out the Fire Department water cannons and hosed down all the demonstrators, while also arresting some for 'disturbing the peace.' No-one, no newspaper or TV news program reported such incendiary and racist remarks by Congressman Rangel.

So I now would like to ask Reverend Jackson, and also Congressman Rangel if they ever climbed off their hate-filled soap boxes and got their hands dirty trying to help those Jackson claims were transported in "slave ships." Where was Jackson's 'Rainbow Coalition' while the Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and hundreds of other faith-based groups were helping the people of New Orleans? Did he ever deliver a single bag of ice, or distribute a single case of bottles of water? For that matter, did the NAACP, the American Civil Liberties Union, People For the American Way, or any of the hate-filled leftist and liberal organizations even get their feet wet while trying to help the people of New Orleans? Where were Barbra Streissand, Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon, the Dixie Chicks and the rest of the leftist celebrities while New Orleans was screaming for help?

The contrast between Bennett's beating and Jackson's pleading illustrated the media's leftist worldview. In the demagoguery-filled agenda of the left, red-state, (conservative) America is still hopelessly racist, and conservatives are inherently evil.

So Bennett's remarks must be sliced up and exaggerated, and even edited, to make that point. Liberals should be ashamed of themselves, except that more and more, liberals are bereft of any shame.

1960s CHILD


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