" The More We Learn, The More We Realize Just How Little We Know, And How Much There Is Still To Be Learned " I come from the dramatic, revolutionary, albeit violent, yet 'magical' 60s. Opinionated and challenging, I write about current events, geopolitics, globalization, history, music, mainly classic rock, philosophy, pop culture, politics, religion, sociology, and anything else that defines the person which I am. 60s Child

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I belong to a special generation, the 'Baby Boomer Generation', all 70 million of us. Mine is the countercultural, culture-changing, music-influenced, society-altering, rebellious, and revolutionary generation which grew up during the dramatic and violent, while in many ways exciting and 'magical' 1960s. After all these years, I still feel totally identified with the 60s, as that decade defines me. Although I was both a participating and observing member of the 'flower generation', I am a conservative in my political and sociological principles. As much as I appreciated the freedom and radical liberalism of the 60s, I nevertheless did not support the anti-war movement. I am also Roman Catholic, and teach catechism. AS I CONSIDER THE MUSIC OF THE 60s AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE CULTURE, AND CONSIDERING THAT EVEN AFTER 40 YEARS IT RETAINS ITS POWERFUL ALLURE, I WISH TO SHARE SOME OF MY 60s FAVORITE GROUPS: ANIMALS, B.BOYS, BEATLES, B.GEES, B.S.&T, CHICAGO, CREAM, C.C.R., C.S.N.&Y, E.L.O., E.L.P., 4 SEASONS, G.F.R., J.HENDRIX, KINKS, LED ZEP, MAMAS & PAPAS, M.BLUES, R.STONES, R.ORBISON, S.& G., WHO, YARDBIRDS EMAIL: A60sCHILDMAILBOX@aol.com

Thursday, October 06, 2005


My Mantra, My Quest

The More I Learn, The More I Realize
Not Just Of How Ignorant
A Person I Still Am,
But Of How Neophyte
My Existence So Far Has Been,
Presently Is, And Will Always Be,
As So Much Blossoming Knowledge
Awaits For Me To Reap,
As I Journey Through Life’s Fields Of Green.

I Also Embrace With Eagerness,
Joy And Anticipation
The Immensity Of The Never-ending Pursuit
In Search Of
The Grand Intellectual Holly Grail.

So I Will Forever Carry As My Standard
A Never-ending Voracity
And Sense Of Curiosity
For The Daily And Yet To-be-discovered,
And Un-borrowed Mother Lodes Of Enlightenment,
Golden Nuggets of Knowledge All,
Which Shall Be Cast Into Ducats of Wisdom
For Me To Savor And Save In My Ever-expanding,
Albeit Bottomless,
Pouch Of Eruditeness.

No-Matter How Infinite Of A Road I Do Travel,
Not A Day Goes By During Which
I Will Not Have Acquired
Some Of Those Precious Omniscient Riches,
Which I, Just As The Rest Of Mortal Humanity
Crave So Much For,
And Was Engendered With An Entitlement To Possess.

Friend, I Bid You To Join Me
In The Noblest Pilgrimage Of All,
The Trek For Knowledge.
This Road Will Lead Us
To The Pristine Repository
Of The Most Critical And Fundamental
Of All Human Needs,
The Discovery And Therefore Privity Of Absolute Truth.

1960s CHILD


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