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I belong to a special generation, the 'Baby Boomer Generation', all 70 million of us. Mine is the countercultural, culture-changing, music-influenced, society-altering, rebellious, and revolutionary generation which grew up during the dramatic and violent, while in many ways exciting and 'magical' 1960s. After all these years, I still feel totally identified with the 60s, as that decade defines me. Although I was both a participating and observing member of the 'flower generation', I am a conservative in my political and sociological principles. As much as I appreciated the freedom and radical liberalism of the 60s, I nevertheless did not support the anti-war movement. I am also Roman Catholic, and teach catechism. AS I CONSIDER THE MUSIC OF THE 60s AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE CULTURE, AND CONSIDERING THAT EVEN AFTER 40 YEARS IT RETAINS ITS POWERFUL ALLURE, I WISH TO SHARE SOME OF MY 60s FAVORITE GROUPS: ANIMALS, B.BOYS, BEATLES, B.GEES, B.S.&T, CHICAGO, CREAM, C.C.R., C.S.N.&Y, E.L.O., E.L.P., 4 SEASONS, G.F.R., J.HENDRIX, KINKS, LED ZEP, MAMAS & PAPAS, M.BLUES, R.STONES, R.ORBISON, S.& G., WHO, YARDBIRDS EMAIL: A60sCHILDMAILBOX@aol.com

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Go Forth And Turn Worldly Beastly Sins Into Hope:

You Wretched Poor Excuse Of a Man,
Go Forth And Do Not Look Back,
Unless You Can Find The Inner Fortitude
To Turn And Behold With Repentance
The Long Trail
Of Damage, Disappointment, Failure, Pain And Shortcomings
Which Have Your Indelible Footprints,
Hence Displaying The Wreckage
Which Has Been Your Sorry Existence,
For The Entire World To See!

Go Forth Then,
And Turn Your Blunders, Errors, Mistakes And Selfish Neglects
Into Virtuous And Repentant Reparations,
And Convert Other Similarly Dammed Beasts Amongst Us,
Into Glorious And Vociferous Heralds,
Entrusted With The Holy Mission
To Proclaim To The Rest Of The World
The Beauty, Faith, Goodness, Hope, Joy And Peace
Which The Still Innocent Souls May Yet Attain And Enjoy,
As You Spread Throughout This Fertile Land
Those Very Same Seeds
Of Beauty, Faith, Goodness, Hope, Joy And Peace,
While Planting The True And Heavenly Promise
Of An Eternal And Better Life Beyond This World!

Yes, You Wretched Poor Excuse Of a Man,
Do Go Forth And Do Not Look Back,
As You May Still Make Reparations
For Your Long Trail
Of Damage, Disappointment, Failure, Pain And Shortcomings,
By Repenting And Entrusting Your Life
In The Hands Of The Lord.

1960s CHILD


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