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Thursday, October 06, 2005



In today's world, whether good or bad, specifically where the present U.S. administration is concerned, world opinion takes a back seat to what is in the best interest of this nation, and as it should always be.

We have a president, George W. Bush that is a neophyte politician and diplomat, and this is not necessarily bad criticism, as I consider that a blessing in disguise.

President Bush shoots from the hip and says what's on his mind. He does not sugarcoat his comments. He may withhold comments at times, (his momma taught him that if he had nothing nice to say, he should not to say anything at all, LOL), but when he does open his mouth he does not care whose toes he steps on, whether Vladimir Putin's, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Syrians, the U.N., and last but not least the Germans and the French.

It is quite a breath of fresh air having a man in charge who you know definitely where he stands on all issues, domestic and foreign. No secret agreements, no smoke-filled room deals, no double-speak.

You may disagree with this and make a laundry list of all so-called lies and misleading statements attributed to President Bush and I would be most happy to counter such accusations with facts, as if not immediately, in the long run throughout his presidency George Bush has proven to be correct.

There will always be your so-called "liberal thinkers of the world" and people who would be happy to portray a face-off between the U.S. and Venezuela another case of "David against Goliath". So what's new? Not just in the present world political atmosphere, but all throughout history, since it became the world's greatest superpower, the U.S. has always been accused by the left, by countries run by dictators unfriendly to the U.S., and simply by an envious and jealous world, of being a bully, of being imperialistic, and of trying to influence other countries' internal affairs.

So why should it be any different today?

At least, today, rather than use a foreign doctrine of "speaking softly, while carrying a big stick", as was the policy of previous administrations, Mr. Bush has altered that policy into "speak harshly, and still wield that big stick!".

U.S.'s foreign policy, or its "designs on the world" have not changed at all going all the way back to WWI.

Since then the world has seen plenty of evil, none of it of U.S. doings:

From the early 1930s into the early 1940s Japan invades, annexes or conquers Manchuria, most of SouthEast Asia and the Southern Pacific Island nations, first as an expansionist empire, to be followed from 1941 through 1945 as one of the axis powers, (along with Germany and Italy) during WWII, causing the death of tens of millions of people, including civilians, women and children.

Beginning in 1938, Germany annexes, invades and conquers Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland, followed between 1939 and early 1945, during WWII by the conquest of the rest of Europe with the sole exceptions of Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. It does try to also conquer the Soviet Union, obviously without success. By the end of the war, in Europe alone, over 60 million people were killed, most of them civilians, women and children, and including the systematic extermination of over 6 million Jews.

The Soviet Union essentially annexed most of Europe, (Central and Eastern Europe) upon the end of WWII, thus creating the infamous "iron curtain".

In 1945, the former free Balkan states of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia, each with their own ethnic identities, including Christians and Muslims were united under the strong Communist rule of Marshall Josip Broz Tito under the name of Yugoslavia.

China, after a civil war that killed millions, became communist, annexed Manchuria, Mongolia and other Far Eastern lands, also following WWII, and still today threatens to annex Taiwan by force.

From 1950 until 1953 North Korea did try, without success, after millions of casualties, (over 30,000 American soldiers died as well), and with the help of the Soviet Union and China, to capture South Korea, and still threatens to, even through their use of nuclear weapons.

Egypt and other Middle-Eastern nations tried to exterminate the Jews upon Israel becoming a sovereign nation in 1948. They were defeated, but however waged war again both in 1967 and in 1973. Since then, Palestinian militants, helped by their Arab neighbors, such as Syria, Iraq, Iran and other Muslim nations have been committing one act of terrorism after another with their proclaimed aim of destroying not only the Jewish state, but Jews altogether as well.

India tried to violate Pakistan's independence by attempting to annex it by force, and may still capture Kashmir, a territory which is still in dispute between the two countries. Both India and Pakistan, are nuclear powers and have threatened to use nuclear weapons against each other.

In the early 1970s, through a war that essentially began after WWII, though it escalated into a full-blown conflagration in the 1960s, Communist North Vietnam captured South Vietnam. Millions were killed during this war, including almost 60,000 American soldiers.

In the 1970s, Syria invaded Lebanon and installed a "puppet government" until just recently when the Lebanese people, inspired by democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq took to the streets and demanded the removal of Syrian troops from their soil. In the meantime, militant Palestinians launched attacks against Israel from bases within Lebanon, while protected by the Syrians.

In the 1980s Iraq and Iran tried to conquer each other in a war that killed hundreds of thousands, some say millions. The war ended in an impasse.

Following the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq's strongman, Saddam Hussein was responsible for the murder, summary executions, and genocide through the use of chemical weapons of hundreds of thousands of those he considered members of the opposition within his country, even though many were innocent women and children.

Also in the 1980s, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan with the purpose of establishing a pro-Soviet government, (losing over 60,000 crack Soviet soldiers in the meantime), only to be defeated by Afghan 'Mujahideen', or "freedom fighters", whom eventually created an extremist, dictatorial and theocratic Muslim-fundamentalist nation, ruled by the now infamous Taliban.

Upon assuming power in Afghanistan, the Taliban gave sanctuary and a base of operations to Al Qaeda, led by Ossama Bin Laden. From Afghanistan, Al Qaeda masterminded and launched its terrorist attacks against the West, mainly the U.S., including the first World Trade Center Bombing and the World Trade Center destruction on 9/01/2001.

In 1990, Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded Kuwait to capture its oil fields, with the intent to march on into Saudi Arabia. Only through the intervention of the U.S. and other allied nations were his forces pushed back into his country, leading to a cease-fire and end of hostilities.

In the aftermath of the "Gulf War" and through the 1990s, Saddam Hussein again purged thousands of his country men, women and children, again also using chemical weapons, only because they were members of different Muslim sects, which he considered threats to his rule.

Also in the 1990s, upon Yugoslavia's disintegration in 1991, (after the collapse of Communism in Europe), civil war broke out throughout the ethnic Balkan states. Under the bloody leadership of Slobodan Milosevic, Christian Serbs gave birth to the horrible modern term of "ethnic cleansing", as his troops were personnally responsible of the systematic genocide of tens of thousands of ethnic Albanian Muslims, as he tried to impose his rule over the loosely held Balkan states of Serbia-Herzegovina, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia. Eventually, N.A.T.O. intervened, and upon Milosevic's capture, (he is now facing trial for "crimes against humanity" in the World Court), these individual states gained their own independence and are being absorbed into the European Union.

Just over a year ago, Russia, under Vladimir Putin tried to force its Soviet-era type influence into Ukranian politics by first attempting to install a "puppet government", while also attempting to murder, (through poison) the opposition's leading candidate, Viktor Yushchenko. Russia somehow was able to 'rig' the Ukranian presidential election which declared Leonid Kuchma, Russia's hand-picked man, president. The Ukranian people by the thousands took to the streets and demanded a re-election, and this event on top of the strong pressure applied by the international community forced the Ukranian government to cave-in and call for new elections, which Viktor Yushchenko, (who by now, due to the effects of the poison had a grossly disfigured face), won by a landslide.

Even today, Russia is still attempting to impose its heavy-handed influence by infiltrating former satellite states' politics. Not long ago, President Bush, while visiting Latvia and Georgia publicly reprimanded Russian president Putin over their behavior towards the Baltic states. President Bush has also called for freer elections and the total democratization of Belarus, which still appears to be "under Russian domination."

I could go on and on listing all of the atrocities committed during the last century, including genocide in Africa between tribes and different ethnic and religious peoples. Similar genocides have taken place in the Far East, including Cambodia and Laos. You have the political, (the previous party's little secret), mass murders in Mexico. There were thousands of political murders in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, all over Central America, Haiti, the Dominican Republic. And of course, we have Cuba, where there has existed unchecked political repression for the last 46 years!

So what evil is the U.S. responsible for, for heaven's sake? Somebody tell me, please!

But the world keeps blaming the U.S. for all its troubles!

The U.S. defeated both Germany and Japan during WWII. Did it colonize those nations? Of course not! Precisely, with the great economic and political help of the U.S., both Germany and Japan have become economic superpowers and have the ability to become military superpowers as well.

The U.S. made democracies out of Germany and Japan. Who knows if otherwise they might have turned into Communist nations had they been influenced by the Soviet Union and China? Or had they not adopted democratic constitutions, documents which were written under the guidance of the U.S., might they have become bellicose once again and perhaps lead the world into WWIII?

And the French, what right do they have to criticize, much less lecture the U.S.? What have the French done to improve the lives of the people in other countries? What have they contributed to society over the last 60 years? Wine and perfume, that's all! The U.S. has saved their collective sorry asses twice already over the last 100 years, not to mention the fact that they screwed Indochina up, which eventually gave way to the Vietnam war!

I hope that diplomacy and political expediency does not rule insofar as the oil for food U.N./Iraq scandal is concerned, because the French government, all the way up to Jacques Chirac has been involved in manipulating this program, and their hands are dirty as hell! I don't want the U.S. to keep these damning documents secret. I want the U.S. to show the evidence to the world and expose the French for what they are, hypocrites and sell-outs! The French were bought by Saddam Hussein, and that's why they kept voting in the Security Council against enforcing U.N. sanctions against Iraq, when the U.S. desperately needed their support!

So I do not give a damn what the world thinks. The U.S. does not need the world's permission to protect its interests.

I just hope that President Bush does not let me down, as I hope that he keeps speaking his mind and keeps telling it like it is, whether it hurts or not. If the shoe fits........

Hugo Chavez is threatening with breaking diplomatic relations? Let's call his bluff. Let's see who loses out in the end.

1960s CHILD


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